Quartz Fiber Crucibles

» touch it after seconds «

Compared to standard crucibles out of creamic or metal, our quartz fibre crucibles cool down in seconds. Furthermore, through the structure of material, more air can circulate around your probe and cool down for faster. Based on the same idea from NASA engineers who use it for space objects.

from 1000°C to 20°C in 10 seconds

optimise your workflow

Who does not know it? Quickly place a crucible on the table and it happens – a burn mark. Or not considering that the crucible still causes burns after minutes.
Forget it – with our quartz fibre crucibles there are no burns, no burn marks, no waiting times.

The future is now.


EASY – time-saving and convenient

best ever crucibles

Eliminate interruptions in your work process. Weigh the remaining ashes, not after waiting for minutes, but almost immediately. And save the time for unnecessary desiccation.


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