Gas and liquid mercury
cold vapor analyser (AAS and AFS)

» perfect workplace
for mercury analysis «

The mercurioCV analysis system with integrated Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (or/and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer) offers a high stability after approx. 10-15 minutes after switching on. The device works according to the classic cold vapor technique with automatic Hg enrichment.

Integrated into the system are: 6-channel pump, gas / liquid separation unit, special low-pressure mercury lamp. The efficient enrichment offers a range of application from 0 to 1500 ng Hg without faulty dilution steps and detection limits 0,001 ng. Automatic calibration and control of the delivered liquid volume. The pump delivery channels can be checked and calibrated before each use. Highest analytical precision thanks to simple and clear handling with support from the computer terminal.

Excellent results with Hg-Gold cartridges

Together with our special, patent-protected Hg-Gold cartridges and the gas ACC unit, the mercurioCV becomes an Hg gas analyzer. For gas determination of mercury, simply select the corresponding method. For standard measurements and to create calibration curves, empty cartridges should be used instead of the collector cartridges.

An ideal companion is our mobile autoCOLLECT GVM instrument, which allows sampling at any place. By using our Hg-Gold cartridges, the mercury is retained in the form of Au amalgam. Gas volume and air pressure are automatically recorded and can be transferred to the mercurioCV data set via USB connection. And you can start the analysis right away.

HG cartridge Gold

No dilution needed – 2 signals for each sample

The enrichment at the highly active gold surface improves the sensitivity. The large active surface of 1200 m²/g ensures complete Hg retention. Spectral interferences by vapors are automatically eliminated. The wide dynamic measuring range is based on 2 signals per sample and the variable delivery volume reaches and covers from 0 to 1500 ng Hg.

Easy purification for precise results – Hg-PUR


The Hg-PUR system automatically purifies the chemicals such as stannous chloride and acids for the cold steam technology. The system is connected to the peristaltic pump and the gas supply of the cold steam unit. The purification in the Hg-PUR takes place during the reaction and without the use of additional chemicals. Expensive purification with helium or nitrogen overnight is no longer necessary. This significantly reduces the time and costs.

Hg Pur Detail

Best stability through double-beam technology


The new, protected double-beam technology compensates the signal shift after switching on after just a few seconds. As a result, the device is quickly in an optimal operating state. Our double-beam arrangement works without beam splitters or optical reflectors (mirrors) as in classical arrangements and thus without energy loss. 100% energy yield is available for the sample and reference channel. This high energy throughput improves the signal-to-noise ratio and provides lower detection limits.

classic double-beam technology

All standards in one instrument

The standards for the determination of mercury are globally valid. Our mercurioCV supports all common methods and guarantees standard-compliant analysis of mercury according to:

• EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2, EPA 245.5, EN ISO 12846, EN 13806, EN 16175, EN 16277 etc. (AAS technology)

• EPA 245.7, EPA 1631E, EN ISO 17852, EN 13506, EN 16772 etc. (AFS technology)

• EPA Method 30B, EPA Method IO-5, EN 15852/2010, HJ-910/2018 (Gas-ACC technology)

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More possibilities every day

The contamination of the environment with mercury is increasing from day to day – so there are more and more measuring tasks. So far, these include:

• Environment
drinking water, ground water, sea water, waste water, surface water, rain water, soil, gases / air, etc.
• Food
fish, beverages, cereal, dairy products, etc.
• Medicine
blood, urea, tissue, serum, saliva, etc.
• Research and Education
universities, research institutions, material investigations, etc.
• Geology
rocks, minerals, etc.
• Industry
paper, plastics, textiles, waste gases, waste water, quality inspections, etc.
• Petrochemical
oils, petrochemical products, etc.
• Waste
sewage sludge, residues, etc.


mercurioCV with automatic sample changer for liquids and automatic volume adjustment to optimize the sample measurement.

Automatic mercury workplace
without dilution steps

The use of the sample changer allows automatic measurement of aqueous samples. This one can use 36 samples of up to 50 ml each and 89 samples of 10 ml each. The software program recognizes the sample holder used in each case. Basically, a holder with 36 samples and 50 ml of aqueous samples is sufficient. Even with a measurement sequence of approx. two minutes per sample with intermediate rinse, 80-90 minutes pass until the next use of the sample holder. Measurement solutions for the extreme trace area are usually stabilized at least for 2-3 hours. The next sample holder series will be prepared during the current measurement. The sample capillary moves to the purge position (overflow system) after each sample, cleans the tubing and prevents contamination.

mercurioCV System

One touch to go

A “touch” on an icon is enough to call up and start saved methods, e.g. pre-saved DIN-EN and US EPA. User-friendly, multilingual software supports your daily work. Element signals are displayed graphically, the concentration is calculated automatically and the output of the calculated values is in tabular form.

Handling is facilitated by a variably adjustable touch color display. The following ports are included: 5 x USB, 2 x RS 232 and 1x LAN interface.


Easy and safe handling

» lower costs – better results «

By removing the transparent protection shield, all parts in contact with chemicals such as hoses, couplings, glass reactors, etc. can be accessed directly. This simplifies cleaning and replacement of contaminants. Furthermore, damage due to leakage of chemicals within the device is prevented.

In addition, the transport gas line to the amalgam trap and to the measuring cuvettes (spectrometer) is monitored by a droplet (bubble) sensor. This prevents the penetration of solvents into cuvette and amalgam part. In addition, this reduces the care (consumables) and service costs for the user to a minimum.

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