Our instruments for your daily success

life science / synthesis


fast cleavage and deprotection
of oligonucleotides and peptides

life science / hydrolysis


fast protein hydrolysis with SRC reactor technology for cleavage of peptide or protein chains

analytical chemistry / collect gas samples


Mobile device to take samples from gases at any point.

analytical chemistry / Hg analysis

mercurio CV

Fully automatic cold vapour mercury analyser with build-in Atomic Absorption Spectrometer / Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

lab equipment / furnaces


coming soon with functional additions for easy and better use of muffle furnaces

lab equipment / crucibles


Revolutionary Quartz Fiber Crucibles –
in 10 seconds to room temperature

lab equipment / air processing

eM 120

Air Pollution Exhaust Fan – Sometimes the simple is the perfect solution.

lab equipment / air processing

airCOM 35

silence-device for pure
and oil free compressed air

lab equipment / pumping & dosing


Multichannel peristaltic pump
with automatic calibration of the dosing volumes