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Gaseous Substances Collector

» every place is the best to sampling «

It has never been so easy to take samples from gases at any point. The autonomous autoCOLLECT GVM takes direct as well as long-term samples from the area in which it is used. Our collection cartridges adsoQUICK, with highly active adsorption and absorption materials, completely collect traces of elements and molecules according to “Nernst’s law”.

The direct connection of the cartridges to the autoCOLLECT ensures almost “blank” adherence to the analysis products. With up to 3 collection cartridges that operate in series, even high concentrations are captured. After entering the measurement volume, the process is started with a simple “touch command” and stops automatically when the gas volume is reached. The volume data can be transmitted directly to analytical devices. Due to the subsequent thermal or chemical release of the substances from the adsoQUICK collection cartridge, an analysis can be carried out in any laboratory.

No specialist personnel are required to take samples.

all benefits in one small portable instrument

autoCOLLECT GVM basis kit

  • high precision

    automatic compensation of temperature and athmosphere pressure

  • reliable

    reliable measurement method for air, natural gas and combustion products

  • calibration

    automatic volume calibration with end point detection

  • data transfer

    transfer via USB to analytical systems

  • on board

    built-in gas flow-meter for volume calculating


as easy as opening a door

Simply attach the adsoQUICK, Tenax® or Hg-Gold cartridges, set the volume and “go”. A time-delayed capture over a set period of time can also be set.

By default, the first cartridge collects the substances and the second serves as a control cartridge that remains empty. For larger quantities of substances, a third cartridge can be added so that the first and second cartridges are used for measurement.

That is all that needs to be done.


adsoQUICK cartridge


Hg-Gold cartridge

once caught it is only a question of analysis

No matter whether laboratory operation, production operation, safety officer, environmental officer, civil engineer or, or, or…

Take your sampling into your own hands and shorten procedures. You can then decide to which laboratory the sample is to be analysed and thus increase your flexibility.

Whether you use the adsoQUICK-, Tenax® or the Hg-Gold cartridge for special measurements, you will quickly reach your goal.

autoCOLLECT GVM, the instrument for process optimisation in your gas sampling.

sometimes more simple is enough

You want a simpler and more affordable device without built-in gas flow meter? Just take our previous model with measuring balloons. The autoCOLLECT G. If you are interested please send us an email.

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