Develop & Production

We develop and manufacture
customer-oriented devices and
equipment for the laboratory. This
is a continuous process and is
based on intensive and open
communication with ideas and
suggestions from research
institutes, our customers and our
own development team. We also
have our own production facility,
where our products are designed,
manufactured and tested for
impeccable quality.

Consulting & Sales

We conduct market research,
communicate the customer needs,
market and distribute our products
ourselves and with competent
partners. We are active worldwide
and set great importance to
a personal relationship. Our
consultants support our customers
in any queries regarding their
projects, our products and services.
They coordinate the orders and are
the link between development,
production and customer.

Trainings & Seminars

Our team of technicians and
trainers ensure comprehensive
application training and the best
possible commissioning of our
product range. The support and
assistance of the worldwide sales
and service partners as well as the
organization of seminars is a matter
for us to ensure we have satisfied
clients and long-term partnership.

Service & Repairs

Equipment consists of technology
with various components and these
sometimes need a little refreshment.
Whether an annual service, parts
that need to be replaced or a more
complex repair. Our service
specialists help ensure that the
systems are working properly again.
Whether at the customer site or at
our in-house workshop.
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