airCOM 35

airCOM 35

Air supply for analyzers and combustion systems

  • For pure and oil-free compressed air in the laboratory
  • Small and compact compressor, also suitable for small work areas
  • Low noise level
  • Installation and operation directly next to the analyzer
  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Interior visible through transparent front part
  • Long empty operation due to storage tank
  • Comprehensive and service-friendly construction

  • Mini compressor for pure compressed air in the laboratory

    The airCOM 35 being a small compressor ensures pure and oil-free compressed air and can be operated even in small work rooms due to its low noise level of approx. 49 dB. The system is equipped with a double-cylinder compression module and a maintenance unit for water separation. The oil-free two-piston compressor is embedded in a silenced stainless steel housing. The 6 mm pressure hoses can be connected to the units without tools using the plugin couplings. The compressor is suitable for all common combustion systems and analyzers and can be placed and operated directly next to the device. Thanks to its light weight and compact design, the airCOM 35 can easily switch its workplace between individual devices in the laboratory. The maximum operating pressure is 6 bar and provides an air flow rate of 30 to 50 liters per minute. Advantage being its built-in 3.5 liter reservoir tank, the airCOM 35 system only switches on every 30 to 50 minutes for a few seconds. Suitable for any workplace due to its low level of sound.

  • Sound level 49 dB
    Motor speed 1300 to 1500 rpm
    Maximum working pressure 6 bar
    Maximum air flow 30 to 50 l/min
    Connection Plugin coupling for 6/4 mm tube
    Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
    Power consumption 190 Watt (0,8 A)
    Conformity CE-Sign
    Warranty 12 month
    Accessories Pressure tube and quick connection
    Dimensions W x H x D 16,5 x 35 x 34 cm
    Weight 8 kg

  • Pressure tube

    Pressure tube
    6/4 mm pressure tubes in various lengths. The tubes contain a plugin-nipple for direct connection between the analyzer and the compressor, without tools.

  • Soon available

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