DNA processing

DNA is present in all living beings and contains its hereditary information. We are developing ideas and looking for new technologies for this exciting field to provide this market with innovative solutions in the future.

Mercury analysis

Mercury is a toxic metal and is present in everyday things like fish, water, lamps, air and many more. Our product range ranges from sample preparation to analysis of Hg content.


A reliable and accurate analysis can only be ensured by a reproducible sample preparation. Our mills comminute and homogenize the samples for later processing.

Heat treatment

In the thermal technology, we offer a range of heating systems. Our equipment is used for various tasks such as preheating, drying, burning, melting, hardening, ashing, etc. in analytics, laboratory technology and industrial production.

Dosing systems and pumps

Often different liquids have to be mixed in the laboratory for a sample in an exact ratio. Our
pumps provide precise fluid transport directly into the analyzer or dispense several liquids in different quantities.

Air processing

Our air mainly consists of nitrogen and oxygen, but many other undesirable elements such as dust, pollen or fungal spores also float around. Our compressors ensure clean air and a pure workplace in the laboratory.
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